RestAssure – the Bed Bug Solution

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Get Rid of Bed Bugs for good with RestAsure – the safest and most cost effective solution for eliminating bed bugs.

RestAsureTM can be used around the entire family – including pets, children & plants – thus making it the number one choice for residences, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and nursing homes, or anywhere the use of toxic poisons would be detrimental.

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A little bit about bed bugs…

Bed bugs are small, non-flying insects that feed by sucking blood from unsuspecting humans or animals. Their bites leave large red welts on the skin, causing irritation and rashes.

Bed bugs can invade a home or place of business a number of ways, most commonly by ‘hitching’ or laying eggs on articles of clothing, luggage or bags, or even inside furniture. Bed bugs are attracted to living things and feed on blood, not filth – so no matter how clean you keep your home or business it does nothing to prevent a bed bug infestation. Before now, treatment options were ineffective, dangerous and limited…

Bed bug treatments that don’t work

There are as many ways to treat bed bugs as there are places to find them in your home. Unfortunately most bed bug treatments are either harmful, costly, or a combination of both. The more common treatments include steam cleaning, vacuuming, using bleach, using special oils and using harsh chemicals or harmful pesticides. Most of these are not 100% effective as they don’t eliminate the entire infestation and the bed bug problem often returns after treatment.

Seeing a bed bug on your mattress is only the tip of the iceberg – bed bugs live up to a year without feeding and can be found in outlets, lamp shades, drapes, under carpeting,  inside walls… anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. So if you have a bed bug infestation you need a treatment that is effective against killing an entire infestation. Many treatments available don’t provide results that kill an entire bed bug infestation and there is no guarantee that the treatment will work.

Don’t waste time or money on things of the past that just don’t work.

Bed bug treatments that do work

The most effective way to eliminate bed bugs is with heat treatment as it dehydrates the bugs. Heat treatment is a safe, non-chemical alternative for pest control. It works by pumping heat into a structure through flexible ducts to raise room temperatures in the range of 140-150ºF.

If you hire a professional to get rid of bed bugs make sure they have the equipment to provide a heat treatment, which is the only proven method to combat bed bugs. If they don’t provide heat treatment then they don’t have an effective solution for your bed bug problem.

Unfortunately there are down sides to using heat treatments to get rid of bed bugs. Heat treatments are not 100% effective as the heat may just cause the bugs to scatter and possibly lead to further infestation, such as in the room next door or the floor above. It is also very expensive as it requires specialized equipment and a lot of preparation. A small apartment treatment may cost in the range of $1,200 and with preparation, take up to eight hours.

Preparing the area for heat treatment is disruptive to one’s day-to-day living as perishable foods and goods like candles and sensitive electronics need to be removed. Heat can sometimes affect painted walls, wall paper, instruments and pricier electronics such as TVs. Coupled with the fact that there is no guarantee of complete extermination and the results are usually only temporary, there must be a better alternative!

RestAsure uses the same technology as the heat treatments as it dehydrates bed bugs instantly, causing immediate ‘kills’

RestAsure uses the latest in minimal risk pesticide technology to eliminate bed bugs through dehydration. It works instantly, is 100% effective and is safe to use around people, pets and plants. With RestAsure you can get rid of your bed bugs for just pennies per application.

RestAsure has been developed with the latest technology by using a minimal risk pesticide technology solution that dehydrates bed bugs and kills them instantly. We are so confident in our product we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Benefits of RestAsure

  • Instant knockdown. Makes bed bugs dead bugs.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Safe around people, pets and plants.
  • Economical. RestAsure is the most effective, economical solution to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Treat and sleep. Our product is a non-staining, odor-less, eco-friendly bed bug treatment.
  • Can be applied to most surfaces. Beds, mattresses, box springs, headboards, base boards, vents, drapes, carpet, pillows, blankets & furniture.
  • Leader in minimum risk pesticides. Meets all EPA requirements for exemption of classical pesticide registration as having Minimum Risk.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason you can return it for a full refund.
  • Made in the USA